Not only did Jennifer start with us before her pregnancy to increase her chances of a healthy baby and term, she also gained 45lbs during her pregnancy! After many adversities and giving birth, Jennifer has dropped the 45lb baby weight is looking healthy and fit!! Congrats Jennifer!!

whatever your physical limitations are, you can still focus on your nutrition. Here’s proof of of how our nutrition program works! Now Justin is working on maximizing his results with our fat burning workouts along with nutrition plan! Good stuff Justin!!



Time, discipline and patience! Katie is obviously shredding body fat and building muscle! With hard work and a solid meal plan we can help you reach your goal! Great job Katie!!

Here’s Austin! He’s made alot of progress in 3 months. So far he’s lost 14 lb, 3% body fat and 5 inches off his chest and waist! Following our meal plans and suggested supplements with at least 3 days of fat burning workouts a week will get you the results you want! Keep up the great work Austin!!



“First day of Bootcamp I was extremely hesitant because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But after the first day I got a greater understanding that everyone in the Bootcamp was reaching towards the same goal, to get fit. The atmosphere is upbeat and positive, you go at your own pace, and build yourself to greater. I have been a Bootcamp client now for almost 6 months and I love it! Sam and Zenia are great, the nutrition help that I get is another plus for me. For those hesitant, don’t be! The group personal trainings are awesome and no one judges!”


WOW! Claudia has LOST 30 POUNDS, 5% BODY FAT AND 7.5 INCHES head to toe! Claudia is currently training for a future position in law enforcement, ended 2015 with a bang and started 2016 with FOCUS and DETERMINATION!



Congrats to Yesenia! She has won 2 challenges with us so far back to back! Since being with FV Fit Body Boot Camp she’s LOST a total of 35 pounds all while being a full time student and employee! That’s is great dedication and inspiration! Keep shedding those pounds!

Move over mommas!
Melissa is a full time mother of 2 and works full time. She crushes 4-5 fat burning sessions per week, keeps a consistent meal plan and lost 8 pounds, 2% body fat and 9.5 inches! Melissa struggled with processed and comfort food. Now she’s on the right track with less fat, less sugar and less carbs! More water, more protein and more energy!
“The Fountain Valley Fit Body Boot Camp program has not only given me all the tools I needed to finally reach my fitness goals and sustain them, but they have also given me an extended family of fellow boot campers with similar ambitions that hold me accountable and make working out fun. The combination of excellent instruction, ongoing nutritional guidance and network of friends have made me love getting healthy.”  – Melissa 


Neal PicsArt_1412835756174

“I joined this boot camp about 3 months ago and I’m very happy with my results. I’m definitely in much better shape than when I started. I’ve lost inches, weight and more importantly body fat percentage. I really like the format of this boot camp compared to the others I’ve attended. Two days a week are “metabolic” days where you do a lot of exercises for 30 seconds at a time. The other two days are “strength” days where you do three exercises for 10 minutes before moving on to the next station. There is also a Saturday workout that is metabolic. It’s surprisingly well attended for an 8am class. For folks intimidated by the word “boot camp” who think it’s going to be like a scene from Full Metal Jacket, it’s nothing like that. Sam is a good trainer with a good attitude. He never yells or screams, he encourages instead. All in all, I’d recommend this boot camp to anyone interested in getting in shape.” – Neal

“I’m excited to finally have found a place where I can reach my fitness goals. I am a mother of 3 with very little time… and when I tried going to a gym, I felt lost. Having a bad knee only makes reaching my fitness goals a bit tougher. I am grateful to my best friend for introducing me to such a great group of people. Coach Sam is making the necessary adjustments to my fitness routine to get an excellent workout every time. I love the simplicity and intensity of every workout. I am able to be in and out in just one hour which makes it easy for me to get fit even with such a busy schedule. Thank you Sam and Z for introducing me to my ‘FITBODY’!” – Mayra

Mayra PicsArt_1412835804198

Jenn Tabay

“I’ve been a member of FVFBBC since July of 2014. I’ve stayed committed and intend to stay committed to this program. It’s works for me! The coaches keep me motivated and it’s a workout that I actually look forward to going to. The workout structure changes every month so you’re always in for a surprise and never get bored!” – Jen T.

“Boot camp has changed my life incredibly! I belonged to a well known gym, but never achieved what I have achieved at Fit Body Boot Camp. At boot camp, I was taught how to eat healthy food and stay consistent with my workout routine. Working out on a regular basis is not something that ‘I do’, but it’s become apart of my life- my lifestyle. I’m extremely happy and have never felt better! The best part about boot camp, is you feel surrounded by friends and family which makes getting healthy much more FUN!” -Lourdes

Lourdes PicsArt_1412835921096

Pedro- transformation pic

“Boot camp changed the way I viewed working out and exercise. It not only provides me with a metabolic and strength work out, it also comes with a nutrition regiment! Boot camp continues to push my limits at all times, while being safe and healthy. It’s all about inspiration, desire, and commitment that are the core values of this boot camp and it has changed my life as well of others. I am grateful for boot camp and I will continue to benefit from their successful program, in not only changing the work out game but changing our lives.” – Pedro

“It started off with a weight loss competition and I realized starving myself to loose weight was not the answer. I would loose 2 pounds and gain 5 pounds right away. I found boot camp enjoyable and more motivating than jumping on an elliptical or treadmill. I love the atmosphere at boot camp. Everyone is always so nice and help motivate you while you are working out. I’ve struggled with weight loss for years and I had given up thinking I would never be skinny again but just 2 months, I have seen such a huge difference already. My biggest obstacle has always been my eating habits but having meal plans provided for me helped with shedding the extra pounds of fat. I have much more energy and I’m getting stronger with each workout!” – Karla R.

Karla B


“Lost the gut and inches to my waist in just 5 weeks! It definitely works!” – David

“I’m getting stronger and feeling great!”

– Jennifer


Betty PicsArt_1412835351002

“I chose to be fit and made the commitment to reach my fitness goals. I am so happy with my results here at Fit Body Boot Camp and urge everyone to try the program and trust the process!”

 – Betty

“I’ve been coming to boot camp for 2 1/2 months and it really has made a big difference in my life. It’s hard work but you get out of it what you put into it. I’m glad I joined the group.” – Danny


Rosie PicsArt_1412835603971

“I’m stronger inside and out! I love the program, coaches and the positive vibe of Fit Body Boot Camp. Everyone is encouraging and nice. The coaches genuinely care about their clients and really try hard to keep everyone on track! Thanks Sam and Z!” – Rosie

“I joined Fit Body Boot Camp to get back in shape and to set a good example for my kids and family. It was time to cut out the junk food and start living a healthier lifestyle. My coaches showed me the right way to burn fat through their workouts and proper nutrition. I stuck to the program and my family, friends and co-workers definitely were surprised with my results. Thanks guys.” – JJ

JJ PicsArt_1412835288290

Patty M- transformation pic

“Always an amazing workout!! Love love this place! thank you Sam for pushing us to become stronger each day!!” – Patty M.

“Since I started working out at Fit Body Boot Camp I am feeling healthier, stronger, and less stressed.” – Barry



“Sam and Zenia have taught me the formula to success. Hard work, dedication, and consistency! I couldn’t be happier or healthier. My blood pressure is under control! Thank you Fountain Valley Fit Body!!”  – Omar

“Boot Camp has built a strong foundation for me to live a more active lifestyle and live a more fulfilling life. Boot Camp has done something for me that I couldn’t do for myself. I love boot camp!”
– Tyler

Tyler- transformation pic

Maria PicsArt_1412835859603

“After a doctor’s visit, I decided to to change my lifestyle. I was dreading the thought of joining another gym with trainers who push to hard where they embaras you and provide little to no motivation. Needless to say, I have had some bad experiences with trainers. I was referred to boot camp and got hooked!

At boot camp, there is a positive and motivating vibe from the coaches and the other members. What I love the most are the coaches, who truly care about their clients and are completely different from average trainers at average gyms.

One thing I learned is to focus on losing BODY FAT vs. WEIGHT. Not only is Fit Body Boot Camp delivering amazing and diverse workouts, they provide guidance with your diet. This boot camp has changed my life for the better. I wish I had found it sooner. I’d like to thank all my fellow boot campers and coaches for all the motivation and support. You are an amazing group of people and I cannot wait for the next workout.”

– Maria

“I love the support that I get from Fit Body Boot Camp. The workouts are adjusted for me and I’m so proud of what I can do now. I also have learned so much about nutrition and feel more accountable to stay on track with my meal plan because I know I want it and I don’t want to let my nutritionist down. Boot Camp is what helps me get my daily workout done without hours of work. It also helps me stay healthy and lose weight while working full time and being a full time mom of 4.”

– Carmelita


Pili- transformation pic

“I love Bootcamp!! Always getting a great workout is the best feeling. The coaches are the best. They push you and make it challenging. If you want to look good and toned this is the best way to do it.”

– Pili

“Since starting FV Fit Body Boot Camp it has definitely changed my motivation of fitness. I make boot camp a priority in my daily schedule to continue to better myself. The sessions keep you hooked and wanting more each and every time. The family bond with the other clients is great!! We help push one another so that we stay on track and never give up! If it wasn’t for the friends I’ve made there I wouldn’t be where I’am today!! Thanks to Sam and Zenia for helping me along the way!!”

– Nicole

Nicole- transformation pic

Lorena- transformation pic

“I love boot camp because it challenges me and it’s fun! The workouts are never boring. After a couple of weeks I was able to see results that I wanted and am very happy with them. Fit Body Boot Camp has become my little place where I can zone everything out. It’s where I relieve all my stress and I’m getting stronger!”
“With Fit Body Boot Camp, I’ve made it a habit to attend at least 4 times per week. If I don’t I make sure to do something outdoors, like running or hiking. Since starting at boot camp, I have more energy throughout the day. It has helped me a lot with my running.”
“I had to change my bad habits to healthy habits and because I did, I’m getting some great results in my abs and arms. I’m working towards a six pack! Everything is much more firm and muscular. I love it when my friends tell me that I am toned.”
– Lorena

“I like boot camp because it’s challenging and also motivates me to push myself to get the results I want. Doing boot camp has put me in the best shape I never imagined I could be in.”

– Andy

Andy- transformation pic

Tiffany Pic

“I enjoy working out at this place. Trainers are friendly and motivating. If you are looking for a great workout experience this is the place. ”

– Tiffany

“I had been looking for a group fitness/exercise program for sometime – something close to home & offering a varied program of not more than 1 hour. A workmate suggested FV Fit Body Boot Camp – it ticked all the boxes. I signed up for a 3 week special and have not looked back. I have been a member for 12 months and I love it. I am 60+ and primarily wanted to improve my muscle tone, to feel fitter & healthier and losing a few pounds would be a bonus. I have done all of this with the instruction, guidance, motivation, encouragement & professionalism of Sam & Zenia and with the friendliness & encouragement of the other members. They are a great group. The workouts are varied (no boredom here), they are challenging, and they are FUN! Each class is over & done in 45min, with schedules to suit the busiest of lives. Come give it a shot – get fit with us and have fun doing it!”

– Heather


Treanna- transformation pic

“I haven’t exercised in over three years. The gym scene is so played out and so very impersonal. I get bored easily, so the gym routine doesn’t interest me, therefore, I don’t enjoy going. I get discouraged with the same routine gyms offer. I joined Fountain Valley Fit Body Bootcamp a couple of months ago and I absolutely love it! I love the constant change in the workouts. They are challenging and give me RESULTS! I’ve lost 12 pounds and 2 dress sizes doing these workouts. The trainers are AMAZING and really care about your progress! I definitely recommend Fountain Valley Fit Body Boot Camp!”

– Treanna

“I’m stronger. I am healthier. I have more energy and I lost 4% body fat! After I finished my 21-day healthy living meal plan, it was easy for me to continue eating right. It became a good habit.”

– Estela

Estela Pic


“When I first started boot camp I had been bouncing around to different gyms, looking for a place that worked for me. With traditional gyms I would never push myself and didnt really know what to do on my own to achieve what I wanted. I had lost 60lbs on my own and struggled to take it to the next level and with a busy schedule its easy to get off track. What I love about boot camp is how motivating it is to workout with a group of people who are all trying to achieve their fitness goals. Sam and Zenia have taught me how to food prep my meals to set myself up for success when I’m on the go and they never let me slack off!”

– Kelli

“When I first started boot camp, giving up my favorite things (diet soda, coffee creamer, subway, etc.) seemed like the worst thing in the world. Once Zenia explained exactly what those items were doing to my body and presented me with a healthier meal plan, the weight literally fell off. It took me a couple of months to realize you really can’t out-train a bad diet. It was a harsh reality in the beginning, but once I got on-board with my eating habits, I started seeing results. I still have a ways to go, but I’m confident I’ll get there as long as I stay consistent!”

 – Monique

Monique- transformation pic

Yvette- transformation pic

“I’m very excited to have been chosen for member of the month. It’s so motivating to have found the right work out program. I love going to boot camp so much, that I wake up super early. I have two kids, so I’m very busy with my time. This work out allows me to be in and out and get a great total body work out. I am now aware of the food I eat, because I don’t want to waste all of my hard work at boot camp. I also don’t want to explain myself to Zenia during my consultations 🙂 I am looking forward to reaching my fitness goals in the near future and at the same time enjoying my work outs on this long journey.”

– Ivette

“I wanted to enjoy my life, be healthy and fit, all goals that Fit Body Boot Camp has helped me to achieve. I learned how to meal prep and make healthier choices. I am now more aware of what items to eat in my diet and also avoid. Thank you Zenia and Sam for helping me. I am healthy and strong.”

– Antonio



“Bootcamp has helped me to get back into shape and stay motivated. I go to the early morning session and get my workout in before work. I love the fact that I can get my workout out of the way early and, in only 45 minutes, I get a full body workout every time.”

– Jenni

“Boot Camp has become part of my daily healthy life. It has made me feel better inside and out! It has changed my life for the best!”

– Sullem


Perla- transformation pic

“Boot Camp has changed my life. I feel healthier, stronger, full of energy and most of all, full of life! Never felt better!”

– Perla

“Single Father of 3. Yes it’s hard, but once you know what you want, obstacles don’t stand a chance. It’s Lifestyle change, without Herbalife, or some diet fad. This is all natural and you don’t have to spend hundreds to achieve your fitness goals. 2 things ( meal prep ) , and 3-4 times a week work out. If I can do it, why not you!”

– Gabe



Age is just a number! Many people say ‘it’s because she’s young, it’s easier.” Actually, whether you’re young or mature, you can reach your goals with the right meal plan and workout program! Sima has lost a total of 24 pounds, 5.3% body fat and 30.5 inches! So no matter where you are in life, you can achieve your fitness and health goals! Congrats Sima!

Congrats Charm! She won best attendance for the month of January! Charm has lost a total of 30 pounds! Winning best attendance is starting to show and pay off! Keep up the great work Charm!